Russ Haynal - Internet Instructor, Speaker, and Paradigm Shaker

The Internet is the largest information resource available, and yet it is also the biggest threat to your organization.   My popular courses and seminars are top-rated by my alumni, and will help ensure that the Internet is an asset, not a liability for your organization. 

I have taught over 30,000 professionals from the intelligence community, law enforcement organizations, and the telecommunications industry.   I am a leading expert on Internet Open Source ( OSINT ), Internet OPSEC/tradecraft, and cybersecurity. 

You can contact me at 703-729-1757 or  Russweb 'at'   If you use email, put "internet training" in the subject of the email.
I look forward to working with you, to provide the best Internet learning experience for your employees.


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Privacy and Security Awareness:
  • Check your persona   - Make sure you understand what webmasters know about You
  • Persona Tips -  Links to several  persona testers and describes ways to suppress your one-click history
  • Privacy Page - Covers a wide variety of topics, organizations, and articles about privacy
  • Firewall Overview - Secure and test your Internet connection
  • Virus Overview - The whole trick is keeping your anti-virus software up to date
  • Cookies - See how web sites recognize you and track your movements
Source Evaluation:
Searching - Can you find content in the deep web

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